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You met a girl, you got her phone number, now you called and got her voicemail or a answering machine telling you to leave a message.

What do you do now, leave a message or just hang up the phone?

This will depend entirely on what you are planning to do next.

If your plan is calling her again in a few hours or on another day, then you just hang up the phone and continue on with your day.

However, if this is the last time you plan on calling her until she contacts you then you can leave a message since you won’t be calling her again.

Now, it is important that your message be short and to the point with just the basics.

Something along the lines of “this is _____ you can give me a call back when you get this at _________.”

Hopefully, you noticed that you didn’t tell her how she should know you, the reason for your call or that you didn’t plan on calling again.

You didn’t tell her how she should know you because when you do you are assuming she won’t remember you.

And if she doesn’t remember you, she isn’t going to call back simply because you helped her remember.

As for not giving her the reason for your call and your plans of not calling again, you withheld that because those are things that happen and are not told in messages.

In the end, if a woman you met on adultfrienedfinder really is interested in you, she will make sure that she gets in contact with you.

Otherwise, you should look at the other options you have available.

Revealing Too Much When Talking To A Woman On The Phone  

When it comes to talking to women on the phone many men have a tendency to reveal too much; especially early on when she hardly knows anything about you.

In the beginning when talking to a woman on the phone the only thing you should reveal is your intent to meet her face to face as well as when and where you want to meet.

If she is interested in you, she will be more than happy to meet up with you face to face in order to talk and get to know you.

However, if she isn’t interested or isn’t available, she will insist upon getting to know you better over the phone or come up with a reason not meet up with you.

Once you can realize that talking on the phone with a woman does not improve your chances of attracting her or even creating interest.

The sooner you will find yourself spending less time on the phone and more time actually dating women.

While talking on the phone with her might be comfortable and pleasant for you it also increases the chances of a woman who was interested in you no longer being interested because you revealed too much.

Even though many of the things you might reveal to a woman over the phone that would turn her off wouldn’t turn her off if you revealed it in person.

In the end, the phone is a tool you can use to meet women in person or when used too long to talk yourself out of a date with a woman that you obviously like.


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