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Texting can enhance any relationship. If you’ve just met a girl, and are a little shy about getting the conversation started, texting is a great way to break the ice. Sharing jokes, observations and bits of your day in text can deepen the relationship. And sexy texts are a great way to seduce women. You don’t want to make a wrong move though. Just follow these rules for how to text a girl you like.

Keep it Simple

When you send your first text, you will not seduce women with a long drawn out story. How to text a girl you like is to keep it simple. A “how are you doing?” or “Did you see that show on Netflix?” should be a good starter.

Don’t Text at a Bad Time

Text at a time when you are pretty sure she is not busy with work or friends. You will never seduce women if you irritate them. Your goal is to get women at adultfrienedfinder app excited about you and, in this case, receiving a text from you.

Emoticons are Your Friend

One drawback to texting is that it can be tricky to get your emotions to translate into words. Emoticons are a great tool for how to text a girl you like. Smiley faces, Sad Faces, Kissy lips. When you use an emoticon, she will know if you are kidding, serious, or even sad. And a kiss is a nice way to sign off for the day.

Pet Names Establish Connection

Use a pet name for your girl when you text. It doesn’t have to be sappy. A pet name sets up a bond between you. She will know that the texts you sent are meant for her, and not just some generic garbage to get in her pants.

Elaborate Goodbyes

One of the best tips for how to text a girl you like is to make a big deal about signing off. Once you have been texting for a while, and have a bond between you, create a goodnight ritual. “Kisses”, “sweet dreams”, “see you in my dreams” or “wish you were here” are sweet goodbyes that will leave a smile on her face.

Once you meet someone, follow these 5 rules for how to text a girl you like. The bond of communication will allow your relationship to grow faster. And the faster you go, the better you will be able to Seduce Women Like a King!

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