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Well that’s the million dollar question isn’t it? Nobody just automatically knows which romantic gestures will work best with their partner. I’m pretty sure Casanova had some duds, we just don’t hear about them! We use romantic gestures to make our partner feel special and loved. But everyone’s relationship is different and different things make different people tick. What worked with your old boyfriend/girlfriend may not work with your latest one.

The Romantic Gestures Science Lab

So what makes your partner feel loved and special? You’re not sure? Well, no biggy, let’s just don our safety glasses and protective gloves and step into the romantic gestures science lab – just experiment! I mean, how bad can it go if what you try doesn’t work (unless it’s really out-there… hey put that PVC catsuit down fella…). There are probably 3 main ways you can make romantic gestures – saying it, physical contact, doing it. So here are a few ideas to get you started in each of those 3 areas of romantic gestures – some you may know straight away won’t work for your partner, some are worth trying:

Romantic Gestures through Words

  • – Post them a good old fashioned love letter
  • – Send a romantic email
  • – Text them a love message
  • – Place a love note somewhere it will be found easily, in their car or lunch bag or under their pillow or taped to the phone receiver or their computer
  • – For the schmaltzmeisters among you – Use multi-colored, sidewalk chalk to draw a BIG heart in red and write “I love you” in the middle of the heart. Do this someplace prominent like your driveway so that when your partner comes home they will see it right away.
  • – Make a long list of the many reasons why you love your partner and have the list framed and present it to them. It doesn’t have to be super-eloquent, just genuine.
  • – If you don’t live together, call your loved one just to say goodnight and remind them of one of the reasons you love them.
  • – Give your loved one a compliment, about how great they look or what their smile does to you.

Romantic Gestures through Touch

  • – Give them a massage – backs and feet at the end of a work week is always well received, though you may need a clothes peg for your nose ladies if doing this for your fella  nobody said romantic gestures didn’t involve sacrifice!
  • – Keep in physical contact as often as you can, for example, when watching TV together, eating dinner (it doesn’t just have to be hands, you can make sure your feet or legs are touching)
  • – Give them random hugs
  • – Put your arm around them in public
  • – Hold hands as you walk side by side
  • – Cuddle up in your pj’s and watch a romantic movie together
  • – Make sure you kiss them when you get home and kiss before you leave

Romantic Gestures through Doing something

  • – While your partner showers, heat up his or her towel in the dryer.
  • – Have flowers delivered to partner at work.
  • – Surprise your partner by arriving home with their favorite drink, snack, or ice-cream.
  • – Arrange for an intimate lunch date with your partner. Then afterward, send a virtual card. Tell them how much you enjoyed lunch together.
  • – Call your partner in the middle of the day to discuss your romantic plans for that evening.
  • – Write your own love coupon offering an hour of your time as their personal love slave.
  • – Call spontaneously at their work to say “I am thinking of you.”

So I’m sure some of those romantic gestures struck a chord with you…

and some you just thought “No freakin way!”, which is fine and as it should be – everyone is different, the key is just finding the types of romantic gestures that make your partner tick, so happy experimentin’ but not on adultfrienedfinder app login, and here are a few more resources to help you on your way to becoming the true God/Goddess of romantic gestures:

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