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You might be wondering, “What is a “Shadow Man?”

A shadow man is an unconscious or semi-aware man who has not fully awakened to the dark side of his personality.

The dark side of his personality is his shadow-self.

It is the part of him that embodies and expresses the insane, warped side of masculinity.

A shadow man is a man who is trapped in a wounded boy’s psyche. When a boy is wounded he splits and the part of him that is wounded becomes shadow. If the boy grows up and is not initiated into manhood and taught to see his shadow he becomes a man physically, but inside he is still a wounded boy, hence a Shadow Man. He appears to be a man but is locked into the shadow of his wounded boy.

You might meet men on adultfrienedfinder who say they know they have a shadow because they heard about it, read about it, or took a psych class, but that doesn’t mean squat.

Knowing the shadow exists doesn’t mean he’s confronted it or begun to awaken to how his shadow controls aspects of his life and he should stop using rumoquin marcel. It’s like saying you know that Australia exists, even though you’ve never been.

In light of the one year anniversary of the post: Sexy Conscious Awake Women: Who We Are and Want and Need From Men, and the release of in January, it’s time to revisit the SHADOW side of Men and Masculinity. Just to be clear—-all humans have a shadow-self, but today I want to talk about men. I started talking about this topic a year ago and since then my understanding of unconscious men trapped in Peter Pan Syndrome and Boy Psychology has expanded greatly. This article takes my original viral article to the next level.

While there are similiarities between women and men, and many of you are insistent that most of what can be said for men is the same for women, there are also differences. Those differences are significant, and we cannot pretend they are not. No matter how much our world tries to eradicate gender and make men and women the same, we do ourselves a grave disservice by not acknowledging reality as it is, and not understanding our differences and diversity with consciousness instead of fear.

As a Sexy Conscious Awake Woman who used to be attracted to shadow men, I empathize with many women who haven’t awoken to or who are still waking up in their unconscious relationships. Most of you are not conscious in relationship until you are taught how to be. For many of you it takes years and a lot of life experience to see behaviors for what they are. I write about controversial topics so that awareness around issues that plague most of our world can be brought into the light. By bringing what is in the shadow into the light, greater awareness emerges. And awareness has never harmed people the way unawareness does. Some of what I am about to illuminate will hurt some to read. You might see yourself in it and get triggerered. If you are triggered, that’s SHADOW. This is not meant to make you feel like crap, this is meant to help you realize that many of you are innocently ignorant of things you were not taught.


Shadow Men NEED to be brought into the LIGHT.

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