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I bet you are in dire need of a holiday gift giving guide that won’t drive you insane with mall and hi-tech store shopping and will help and improve the life of your gift recipient. For the first time ever, I present to you the Love Coach’s Holiday Gift Giving Guide. In this gift guide you will find gifts that will keep on giving by improving the quality of life and the relationships of those you love – all under $30.

1. Give the gift of time

I know you have heard this a million times – give time. It’s frugal; it’s smart, blah, blah, blah. But you have no time, you say. And I hear you.

Yet, the reason you are shopping for someone, scouring the web or the mall for the perfect gift is because you love the person(s). And they/he/she loves you. There is a relationship there. And there is no relationship without time together. Your kid(s) or your spouse or partner may want that thing you are going to buy him or her, but what is needed is time together with you, your full focus and attention.

Here is a handy dandy website to make gift certificates for time together. Go do it now and you can have the perfect gift done in 5 minutes flat!

2. The gift of music

This gift may not make a huge difference in a life, but this music is so sweet, I had to include it in this list.

A little known classical guitarist friend of mine has put out a CD of classical guitar romantic music. He is a virtuoso on the guitar and the music is wonderful, uplifting, with an almost other worldly quality. Perfect for those cold nights with the fireplace roaring, or to calm someone’s nerves after braving the office or the mall. A great stocking stuffer! Find his Romantic Evening CD at You can sample the music right there at his website.

3. Give books

Good books are always a good gift and if you buy online, they will come right to your door. Gotta love that.

Books for guys: If you are a guy or know a guy who could use a happier love/relationship life, these books will help tremendously:

No More Mr. Nice Guy: Why would a nice guy have trouble in relationships? This book will tell him and let him know how to fix it step by step.

If the guy has no time to read, here is an audio version of the book.

The Way of the Superior Man: Help the guy you love have it all, by being more of himself.

And the Audio Version of the The Way of the Superior Man

Books for the gals on your list: ladies are usually more open to reading self improvement books and would appreciate the following titles:

Who’s Really Running Your Life?: Free Your Self from Custody and Guard Your Kids: The title of this book is a misnomer – this book is not about divorce or custody, but about freeing yourself from your own limitations and teaching your kids how to be emotionally self-aware. Very powerful.

Healing Your Emotional Self: Activities to heal youe emotional pain, which everyone has. Well worth the read.

A good book for everyone on your list – men and women – who care about their relationships: The New Rules of Marriage: What You Need to Know to Make Love Work. This is that rare book that got all but one 5 star review on Amazon.

The New Rules of Marriage also has an audio version, which would make a good companion to the book to help deeply learn the information.

4. Help them reprogram their mind

Have you heard of Paraliminals? If you haven’t you should most definitely take a look at these guided meditation cd’s.

I own most of their titles and I find them wonderful. Pleasant, effective, relaxing, inspiring and with repeated use, life changing. Anyone from a busy mom to a sales professional, to a person working on laws of attraction, to someone wanting better relationship will benefit from these audio cd’s mediations. They have over 30 specific titles applicable to many different areas of life.

5. Give the gift of relationship or dating help and coaching

Does someone on your list need relationship or dating help right now? This will not be a gift under $30, but it will be a gift that gives back. Give someone you love a Love Coaching Session with me or a subscription to adultfrienedfinder app, and get a 15 minute love coaching session for yourself free – a $50 dollar value.

Give the gift of a love coaching by purchasing a 45 or 60-minute love coaching session and as you check out, write me a note that the session is a gift. I will get in touch with you to arrange the details of delivering your gift to the recipient and you getting your complimentary coaching session.

I hope you enjoy these out-of-ordinary gift ideas that will make a big difference in the lives and relationships of those you love. Happy a happy and wonderful holiday season.

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