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We do not provide advice for couples. We are specialists in helping men and helping men become independently good in bed with as many women as you they choose to be with, be that just one or hundreds.

Conversely, we don’t teach you how to become good at pleasuring just your wife or girlfriend. That’s easy! We teach you how you can be great with all women on both an emotional and physical level so you’ll be able to confidently choose the woman that you want.

Our workshops and products address many of the male sex problems we are aware of, especially those around sexual performance and sexual confidence, what to do and how to do, what turns her on and how to turn her into the woman you want.

Also, don’t worry if you are new to all this. We also provide first time sex help all the way through to very experienced tweaking. If you are here looking for positions sex then check out the sex positions guide links in the articles section for more on that. This also features the oral sex positions that we get asked about most. So go check those out.

You can also read testimonials from other students, watch sample videos and listen to our audio course.

If you have any preconceptions that you don’t have what it takes to become a sexual master then you need to start changing that mindset now and start believing it: you can become a sexual master!

So yes, anyone can become a sexual master. We’ve had 100s of emails asking whether just about everything under the sun can affect someone becoming good in the bedroom or online on adultfriendrfinder. Not just the common questions either like penis size, weight, body shape, current sexual performance, guilt, shyness, weak erections, low sex drive, how to use best thrusting vibrator and so on. We’ve had some quite unusual ones too, like does having small hands mean I will never be able to please a woman? (No it doesn’t!). We can show you how all of these things can either be improved or in most cases proven that they aren’t even an issue in the first place.

You can contact me personally, or any of the instructors here, any time to ask questions. We are usually very busy but we will always try to answer your questions.

The ultimate sex guide from can be found by checking out the live workshops or the products sections. We offer both group workshops and private consultation. Check the links out at the top.

If you need any sex advice then please check out one of our workshops or products or contact us directly via the contact us link. Hope to see you soon.

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